Barefoot Learner Principles

What are the Barefoot Learner Principles?

We know that Paekākāriki kids are special and we nurture and celebrate the blend of qualities that make our
students unique. Our consultation with students, parents and our wider community helped us identify the

wonderful, free-spirited qualities of the Barefoot Learner at Paekākāriki School.





This Charter embeds those four core principles asthe kaupapa of our school. These principles are already visible in ourschool enviroment, in how the curriculum is delivered and in how we choose the learning prioritiesfor our tamariki. They align with the New Zealand Curriculum key competencies ensuring our tamariki have the capabilitiesfor living and ā lifelong learning and they connect with Tātaiako, Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners. The Charter is backed up by the Strategic Plan, which defines the broad operational steps the school will take to put these principles into action. Both the Charter and the Strategic Plan are living expressions of our community’s vision and both will grow and adapt to suit our children’s changing needs. The Charter is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and the Board will take all reasonable steps to ensure the school meets the Charter goals and objectives while adhering to the National Education and Administration Guidelines.