Ngā Kākano

Ngā Kākano (Years 2-4)

Ngā Kākano – the seed. This is the space where tamariki who have begun to establish themselves as learners are cared for and supported to grow. Teachers in this space continue to build on the strong foundations established in Te Kōhanga,

This space is for children in Years 2, 3, and 4. Children will move through to Ngā Kākano at the beginning of the year and will spend the next 3 years in this learning environment.

The focus for the Ngā Kākano learning environment is to support tamariki to build up their literacy and numeracy skills whilst encouraging them to maintain the curiosity and playfulness they experienced in Te Kōhanga.  Learners in Ngā Kākano begin to use their play passions and inquiry thinking into guided and self-initiated projects. 

Judith Smith, Vita Bassett and Loutje leGrand are the whanau teachers in Ngā Kākano. They are supported by  Lisa Button, Eendre Davidson and Simon James