Te Kohanga

Te Kohanga (Years 0-1)

Te Kōhanga – the nest or nursery. This is the space for our youngest tamariki, a space where they are cared for and nurtured. Strong foundations for life and learning are built in Te Kōhanga

Tamariki who start school as a 5 or 6-year-olds join our space known as Te Kōhanga.

This space is designed to look and feel like an early childhood setting in order to support the transition to school for both the child and their whanau.

Tamariki spend time in this learning environment getting to know about school, setting themselves up as learners, and making new social connections.  Tamariki in Te Kōhanga discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive. They develop strategies for active learning and experiment with objects in their worlds. 

Glynis Paterson and Alayna Flighty are the whanau teachers in Tē Kōhanga. They are supported by Lisa Button.